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1209 Bug Resolved Add functionality to EML 2 stylesheets written by Jing so that they can be used by Morpho and make other changes
1241 Bug Resolved Search Results Data/Nodata icons not working for EML2
1276 Bug Resolved Comments on Data Package from Andrea Chadden
1337 Bug Resolved better handling of 'references' in XML editor
1488 Bug Resolved Taxon page citations list surrogates not updated to reflect remote reference edits
1504 Bug Resolved Intermittant problem: DPW Finish Wizard / Enter New Table
1512 Bug Resolved Taxon Import
1515 Bug Resolved taxon dialog checks input but allows invalid input
1520 Bug Resolved taxo coverage data entry error
1567 Bug Resolved Taxonomic Coverage - importing data table during DPW
1570 Bug Resolved Error in uploading raw data to metacat...
1583 Bug Resolved Typos/grammatical errors in "Intro to Metadata" documentation
1622 Bug Resolved problems with morpho's eml parser
1706 Bug Resolved missingValueCode (any optionalFields?) element apparently missing from the eml template
1710 Bug Resolved taxonomicClassificationSystem not created correctly from GUI
1712 Bug Resolved Radio buttons for choice are "all" set as default in Tree Editor
1715 Bug Resolved New package window is not set to visible
1719 Bug Resolved integrate Finch's MS Access plugin in next release
1754 Bug Resolved expose title/abstract/creator in Documentation menu
1769 Bug Resolved access permissions re-set to yes for public read
1770 Bug Resolved Using Revert Tab in Data Table panel
1772 Bug Resolved User guide needs to be updated
1774 Bug Resolved How to delete saved searches and old profiles should be explicit
1775 Bug Resolved Some saved searches do not work a second (or more) time
1776 Bug Resolved Catalog search followed by "open existing dp" does not return all dps
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