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3314 Bug Resolved Morpho abstract search comes up with 0 Actions
3243 Bug Resolved initial profile creation does not list all organizations from LDAP Actions
3136 Bug Resolved Windows Vista has problems installing Morpho Actions
2988 Bug Resolved Custom unit does not allways create the needed <additionalMetadata> tags Actions
2957 Bug Resolved Other entity does not display other entity Description Actions
2508 Bug Resolved Incorrect example for relative attribute given in table wizard Actions
2443 Bug Resolved Dialog box needed to warn when deleting data table Actions
2379 Bug Resolved Table metadata lost when trying to import codes from second file Actions
2308 Bug Resolved No metadata shown if schemaLocation attribute set improperly Actions
2284 Bug Resolved Data tables not uploaded to network Actions
2280 Bug Resolved methodStep creation error Actions
2206 Bug Resolved Tree editor does not properly process additionalMetadata items when "trimming" Actions
2193 Bug Resolved Morpho incorrectly tries to insert rather than update when trying to save revised data packages on the network Actions
1847 Bug Resolved import EML documents into Morpho Actions
1831 Bug Resolved "other" organization field does not work Actions
1777 Bug Resolved Selecting columns is very slow Actions
1771 Bug Resolved Deleting row of taxonomic info in DPW prevents selection of other rows, Actions
1211 Bug Resolved add serialization to steps in DataPackage Wizard Actions
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