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7175 Bug New The link for non-numeric attribute domains doesn't work on the exported eml file
6701 Bug New Entity descriptions can't be added outside wizard
6700 Bug New Pub date field
6112 Bug New Use .morpho when we release the morpho
6111 Bug Closed No resource map (ORE) document was created if morpho create an eml metadata document without data files
6083 Feature Closed Morpho should use MN.query() to look for existing resourceMaps (OREs) when saving new versions of packages
5902 Bug Resolved Replace "Owner" with "Creator" in Morpho interface
5900 Bug Rejected There is no a menu item for editing the Access information in the Document menu
5899 Bug Closed Morpho can't save a existed UUID package by DOI format without changing anything
5898 Bug Resolved Some issue in the RelicationPolicyPage
5897 Bug Closed Improve UI for saving using a DOI
5896 Bug Closed Get an error when user save a data package to net and local by using DOI
5889 Bug Resolved Update documentation and installers to require Java 7
5888 Bug Resolved Couldn't log in as a NCEAS account in Morpho
5887 Bug New Handle the query result set which contains the revision chains of documents
5886 Bug Resolved Rework AccessPolicy and ReplicationPolicy editing
5885 Bug Resolved Upgrading EML version causes access policy to be lost
5882 Bug Resolved Get a system metadata version number error when morpho tried to change the access policy of a network document
5881 Bug Resolved How can we change the access policy for the resource map document
5879 Bug Resolved Merge ECP IdP list from CILogon with local configuration
5878 Bug Resolved Test morpho 2.0 on linux
5877 Bug Resolved Updating the access rule cause the data package being modified
5876 Bug Resolved Modify the Access Page for users easily inputting a DN
5873 Bug Resolved Change [invisible] Login button to hyperlink button
5871 Bug Resolved The revision manager contains the data files from different profile after upgrading morpho 1.x to 2.0
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