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375 Bug Resolved morpho fails to display access metadata
371 Bug Resolved problems with wizard-generated eml-physical documents
363 Bug Resolved update morpho and metacat DTDs to include EML2.0.0Beta5
355 Bug Resolved show icon indicating presence of data in package list
352 Bug Resolved errors in XML editor with complex documents
348 Bug Resolved remove eml-physical from new descriptions list
347 Bug Resolved remove eml-distribution from morpho
346 Bug Resolved make sure morpho displays ALL eml field documentation
344 Bug Resolved need larger boxes for entering paragraphs
343 Bug Resolved text import doesn't reliably save datatype
341 Bug Resolved text import issues with eml-attribute creation
333 Bug Resolved add fields to package wizard
318 Bug Resolved identifier not passed to new metadatat objects
315 Bug Resolved Need to add eml-physical creation to package wizard and text input wizard
304 Bug Resolved ampersand handling errors
301 Bug Resolved use UID as scope, chek for conflicts
300 Bug Resolved need to change Morpho DN behavior to send full DN on login
299 Bug Resolved Problem with TextImport wizard generating invalid docs
297 Bug Resolved Problem with data Export from Metacat
294 Bug Resolved need ability to add existing metadata to package
292 Bug Resolved error about 'missing_value_code' element
290 Bug Resolved certain datasets are not displayed correctly
268 Bug Resolved Morpho help system
263 Bug Resolved editor fails to create some CHOICE content models
262 Bug Resolved make text fields editable in pop-up text editor
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