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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1774 Bug Resolved Normal How to delete saved searches and old profiles should be explicit Andrea Andrea 01/07/2005 02:56 PM
1772 Bug Resolved Normal User guide needs to be updated Andrea Andrea 01/07/2005 02:56 PM
1520 Bug Resolved Normal taxo coverage data entry error Dan Higgins 04/26/2004 05:02 PM
1515 Bug Resolved Immediate taxon dialog checks input but allows invalid input Dan Higgins 04/26/2004 05:05 PM
1504 Bug Resolved Normal Intermittant problem: DPW Finish Wizard / Enter New Table Dan Higgins 12/15/2004 03:35 PM
1337 Bug Resolved Normal better handling of 'references' in XML editor Dan Higgins 04/01/2004 03:09 PM
1241 Bug Resolved Normal Search Results Data/Nodata icons not working for EML2 Dan Higgins 12/15/2004 03:20 PM
2162 Bug Resolved Immediate eml versions and dateTimeDomain requirements Matt Jones 01/26/2006 11:28 AM
2096 Bug Resolved Immediate Not all elements of attribute module displayed in tree editor P. Anderson 09/28/2005 10:24 AM
1488 Bug Resolved Normal Taxon page citations list surrogates not updated to reflect remote reference edits Perumal Sambasivam 04/22/2004 11:00 AM
2208 Bug Resolved Normal tree editor checks spatialVector after editing any field in data packages containing data Tables Saurabh Garg 09/28/2005 01:11 PM
2131 Bug Resolved Normal Geographic coverage screen in dpw not saving coordinates Saurabh Garg 06/17/2005 03:57 PM
2103 Bug Resolved Normal Morpho changes the value in geographic coverage... Saurabh Garg 06/09/2005 10:35 AM
2097 Bug Resolved Normal Import Taxon Information from Data Table Saurabh Garg 06/22/2005 03:14 PM
2001 Bug Resolved Normal Add storage type field to Text Import Wizard Saurabh Garg 05/03/2005 02:12 PM
1944 Bug Resolved Immediate Text Import Wizard crash: loosing entered info Saurabh Garg 05/18/2005 03:33 PM
1856 Bug Resolved Normal utilities jar file is missed in morpho 1.5.1 binary zip and gzip release Saurabh Garg 09/23/2005 05:19 PM
1833 Bug Resolved Immediate morpho should support eml-2.0.1 Saurabh Garg 02/10/2006 03:31 PM
1799 Bug Resolved Immediate Losing data tables when using “Export” Saurabh Garg 05/27/2005 01:08 PM
1776 Bug Resolved Normal Catalog search followed by "open existing dp" does not return all dps Saurabh Garg 05/27/2005 08:57 AM
1775 Bug Resolved Normal Some saved searches do not work a second (or more) time Saurabh Garg 05/18/2005 03:21 PM
1770 Bug Resolved Immediate Using Revert Tab in Data Table panel Saurabh Garg 05/27/2005 02:37 PM
1769 Bug Resolved Normal access permissions re-set to yes for public read Saurabh Garg 05/26/2005 12:44 PM
1754 Bug Resolved Normal expose title/abstract/creator in Documentation menu Saurabh Garg 05/26/2005 12:00 PM
1719 Bug Resolved Normal integrate Finch's MS Access plugin in next release Saurabh Garg 05/09/2005 04:24 PM
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