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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
3358 Bug Resolved Normal Correcting invalid eml 201 document downloaded from metacat 1.8.0 Jing Tao 08/12/2009 03:49 PM
3244 Bug Resolved Normal Incorrect EML201 schema in morpho Saurabh Garg 08/12/2009 03:49 PM
3190 Bug Resolved Normal profile names with spaces and special characters are a problem Jing Tao 08/12/2009 03:48 PM
3120 Bug Resolved Normal Morpho create profile section has some text that doesn't display correctly on Mac and Ubuntu ben leinfelder 08/12/2009 03:48 PM
2798 Bug Resolved Normal The Morpho Linux install file no longer works with current Ubuntu 6.10 P. Anderson 09/02/2009 03:49 PM
2498 Bug Resolved Normal Change default metacat URL P. Anderson 08/12/2009 03:44 PM
2462 Bug Resolved Normal Can't delete columns toward end of table Jing Tao 08/12/2009 03:44 PM
2353 Bug Resolved Normal screenshot missing in Morpho Help files Callie Bowdish 08/12/2009 03:43 PM
2339 Bug Resolved Normal Triage bugs P. Anderson 08/12/2009 03:40 PM
2309 Bug Resolved Normal File name conflict resolution when using same scope on different computers Saurabh Garg 08/12/2009 03:39 PM
2223 Bug Resolved Normal Title and Abstract screen insert empty abstract tag Saurabh Garg 08/12/2009 03:39 PM
2198 Bug Resolved Normal Morpho editor generates validation problem message when doc is valid Saurabh Garg 08/12/2009 03:39 PM
1707 Bug Resolved Normal create profile wizard needs more documentation Saurabh Garg 08/12/2009 03:35 PM
345 Bug Resolved Normal pick lists for controlled vocabularies ben leinfelder 03/17/2009 09:41 AM
201 Bug Resolved Normal add https support to client framework Dan Higgins 11/11/2010 12:18 PM
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