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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2166 Bug New Normal 1.6.0RC1: Saving to network when a previous version was deleted from network Saurabh Garg 09/16/2005 12:31 PM Actions
4416 Bug New Normal 1.7.0 - Geographic Coverage Sites List Should Record Tool Type Jing Tao 02/09/2010 10:52 AM Actions
326 Bug In Progress Low Ability to repeat more than one field Dan Higgins 11/06/2002 02:43 PM Actions
1460 Bug In Progress Normal Ablity to use from attribute or entity level Dan Higgins 04/08/2004 08:28 PM Actions
2095 Bug New Normal AbstractDataPackage - entity array not initialized automatically P. Anderson 07/27/2006 10:03 AM Actions
1481 Bug New Normal access list should support multiple selections in tree Saurabh Garg 12/16/2004 12:53 PM Actions
5757 Bug New Normal Add identifier scheme drop down to id conflict window ben leinfelder 02/19/2013 04:04 PM Actions
1669 Bug New Normal Adding Project Information causes invalid eml 2 warning Saurabh Garg 12/16/2004 01:00 PM Actions
664 Bug In Progress Normal add keyboard shortcuts for menus Dan Higgins 12/16/2004 01:07 PM Actions
1985 Bug New Normal add morpho support for LSID identifiers Saurabh Garg 02/09/2010 10:07 AM Actions
4640 Bug New Normal add prev/next buttons to 'Edit Column Documentation' dialog Jing Tao 02/09/2010 11:10 AM Actions
530 Bug In Progress Normal add spell checking support Dan Higgins 12/16/2004 01:02 PM Actions
1261 Bug In Progress Normal Advanced Geographic Display System Dan Higgins 12/16/2004 12:50 PM Actions
1983 Bug New Normal allow morpho to detect online data and import it Saurabh Garg 05/26/2005 12:01 PM Actions
4621 Bug New Normal Allow sets of codes/definitions to be reused across data packages Jing Tao 02/09/2010 11:05 AM Actions
545 Bug In Progress Normal annotation capability for editing data Dan Higgins 12/16/2004 12:49 PM Actions
3980 Bug New Normal a user trying to synchronize an invalid package needs a user-friendly error message Jing Tao 09/03/2009 03:34 PM Actions
5707 Bug New Normal Auto-check for newer version of Morpho on start-up ben leinfelder 01/18/2013 04:09 PM Actions
124 Bug In Progress Normal batch display and printing of resultsets Dan Higgins 04/11/2002 09:58 AM Actions
6584 Bug New High bug in validity of personnel element Jing Tao 08/14/2014 09:45 AM Actions
4098 Bug New Normal Cancelling map viewer should reset zoom Jing Tao 02/09/2010 10:46 AM Actions
6042 Bug New High Cannot save/synchronize Morpho data package to the network ben leinfelder 07/31/2013 06:55 PM Actions
1993 Bug New Normal Can't expand width of column in text import wizard ben leinfelder 12/16/2010 11:05 AM Actions
1792 Bug New Normal Can't print Intro to Metadata document Saurabh Garg 12/16/2004 01:09 PM Actions
1568 Bug New Normal Certain dialogues in DPW lock up the help Saurabh Garg 02/22/2005 03:58 PM Actions
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