From 08/18/2003 to 09/16/2003


11:23 AM Bug #1147 (Resolved): create agent to get data from ecogrid
Need to be able to access data sources from EcoGrid from within the AMS. So,
from within AMS (vergil) need to be ab...
Matt Jones
11:19 AM Bug #1146 (Resolved): implement GridService discovery in Ptolemy
Ptolemy's GUI (vergil) for creating workflows needs to be able to discover
GridServices on the fly so that they can ...
Matt Jones
11:12 AM Bug #1145 (Resolved): allow execution of GridServices in AMS
Need an agent in Ptolemy that can execute arbitrary GridServices. These are
basically web services with some additi...
Matt Jones
11:08 AM Bug #1144 (Resolved): write an agent for running R jobs in the AMS
Need to be able to execute R from within AMS. Probably just port the monarch
code to do this. Later, establish a Gr...
Matt Jones

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