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2385 Bug In Progress Querying with OR Conditions to DiGIR node for darwincore data
1596 Bug New data integration of Niche Modeling in Ecogrid
1450 Bug In Progress Implement two different relate algorithms
1449 Bug Resolved Implement at least two similarity algorithms
1448 Bug New Refactor ProxyFactory to create TOSProxyDispatcher or LocalCacheTOSProxy
1447 Bug Resolved Refactor LocalDBTOSProxy to abstract DB access
1444 Bug Resolved Implement simple ProxyFactory to create LocalDBTOSProxy only
1403 Bug New Add test database creation to build process
1402 Bug In Progress Create small test database with hickory and mosses
1401 Bug Resolved Populate new database with ITIS data
1400 Bug Resolved Finalize architecture diagram
1399 Bug Resolved Create draft WSDLs for public interfaces
1398 Bug Resolved Send status report on implementation plan for e-Science meeting
1397 Bug In Progress Implement highest priority interfaces (first 7 of following list of 9)
1379 Bug Resolved solidify return format from public interfaces for Taxonomic Exchange Schema and OWL
1336 Bug New create ecology specific pipelines
1258 Bug In Progress store, query, and access ontologies in ecogrid
1207 Bug Resolved Initial impl of the webservices wrapper of DiGIR
1206 Bug Resolved GT3 skeleton wrapper for DiGIR
1162 Bug In Progress implement level III ecogrid methods for Xylopia
1161 Bug Resolved create wsdl for ecogrid level III interfaces
1158 Bug New create wsdl for ecogrid query level III interfaces
1062 Bug Resolved install and evaluate OSGA DAI

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