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5246 Bug Resolved HTTP response code: 500 when trying to upload large KAR through kepler
3145 Bug New Fix [or remove] web interface for ecogrid query
2731 Bug New Make TCS document the direct data source
2730 Bug New Publication problem
2729 Bug New Support third party parent-child relationship
2728 Bug New XML Output problem
2727 Bug New lost data during import
2694 Bug New Change get operation in EcoGridQueryInterfaceLevelOne from soap binding to http binding
2693 Bug New Ecogrid doesn't support relative URI in namespace element of query.xsd
2682 Bug New Add start and stop dates to concepts and relationships
2681 Bug Resolved test
2650 Bug New ecogrid returnfields need to support more xpath
2649 Bug New Ecogrid returnfields don't return enough information
2491 Bug New Get ecogrid endpoints from Ecogrid registry
2422 Bug New Changing Logging Options Prevent Metadata Downloads
2364 Bug New Records Crossing the International Dateline
2244 Bug Resolved Performance bottle neck in Digir ProviderServlet
2174 Bug Resolved Problems with multiple eml2datasource actors in a Kepler workflow
2006 Bug New workflow development for biodiversity/productivity use case
1852 Bug Resolved ENM IIIH - Actors for grid logical and math operations
1790 Bug New Add ITIS data to TOS db v1.1.0
1789 Bug Resolved Create database for TOS version 1.1.0
1765 Bug In Progress Investigate Hibernate for database and parser abstraction
1764 Bug Resolved Strengthen SOAP server
1763 Bug New Strengthen SOAP server
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