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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1056 Bug Resolved Normal XQuery research: processors, SQL translators, XQuery examples Peter McCartney 06/16/2003 12:18 PM
1057 Bug Resolved Normal Adapt and adopt general purpose XQuery tokenizer Bing Zhu 06/16/2003 12:21 PM
1066 Bug Resolved Normal follow up with DiscoveryNet Bertram Ludaescher 10/22/2003 03:46 PM
1070 Bug New Immediate propose a flexible system for transformation steps Shawn Bowers 11/06/2003 08:48 AM
1067 Bug Resolved Normal follow up with GeoVista Studio Deana Pennington 02/12/2004 08:15 AM
1068 Bug Resolved Normal create and analyze example pipelines with workflow editor Deana Pennington 02/12/2004 08:16 AM
1527 Bug Resolved Immediate Complete the documentation for WSDL and email SEEK-sms-kr & Shawn Robert Gales 04/23/2004 05:42 AM
1069 Bug Resolved Normal contact Ptolemy project about collaboration Rich Williams 05/25/2004 09:16 AM
1063 Bug Resolved Immediate review and summarize workflow languages Bertram Ludaescher 05/25/2004 09:20 AM
1065 Bug New Normal create proposal for data and semantic types for workflows Chad Berkley 05/25/2004 09:26 AM
1578 Bug Resolved Normal Modify Ant build so Tomcat is functional on both Linux and Windows Robert Gales 05/25/2004 09:47 AM
1205 Bug Resolved Normal Get DiGIR working on Windows Rod Spears 06/08/2004 04:38 AM
1580 Bug Resolved Immediate design pipeline for converting IPCC .raw data Deana Pennington 06/08/2004 10:03 AM
1599 Bug New Normal integration of LSID system and taxon server dave thau 06/08/2004 11:35 AM
1598 Bug New Normal integration of user management tools with taxonomic information dave thau 06/08/2004 11:36 AM
1597 Bug New Normal initial user management system for taxon server dave thau 06/08/2004 11:53 AM
1594 Bug Resolved Immediate Impl revised Resultset XSD Rod Spears 06/11/2004 11:38 AM
1602 Bug Resolved Normal Move and restart latest working Taxonomic Object Service in neutral location on taxon development machine Aimee Stewart 06/14/2004 09:24 AM
1575 Bug Resolved Normal Modify or add objects to match new Taxonomic Exchange Schema Robert Gales 06/14/2004 12:39 PM
1577 Bug In Progress Normal Implement AddRelationship Robert Gales 06/14/2004 12:48 PM
1603 Bug In Progress Normal Implement addConcept Robert Gales 06/14/2004 12:52 PM
1604 Bug Resolved Normal Convert ITIS database dump to TES Robert Gales 06/21/2004 03:12 PM
1613 Bug Resolved Immediate organizations missing from web auth dropdown Steve Tekell 06/29/2004 08:10 AM
1616 Bug Resolved Normal RSS feed shows incorrect URL Steve Tekell 07/06/2004 09:00 AM
1618 Bug In Progress Normal Fix rank representation in db Robert Gales 07/06/2004 09:13 AM
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