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  ecogrid-1.0.0 5 Collapse all/Expand all
1166 Bug create a schema for registry metadata In Progress Immediate Jing Tao ecogrid-1.0.0
1059 Bug create testing harness for ecogrid New Immediate Kevin Ruland ecogrid-1.0.0
2291 Bug define faults for all EcoGrid services New Normal Kevin Ruland ecogrid-1.0.0
2293 Bug DiGIR ecogrid support for multiple Darwin Core versions In Progress Normal Kevin Ruland ecogrid-1.0.0
2292 Bug out of memory problems on DiGIR EcoGrid implementation In Progress Immediate Kevin Ruland ecogrid-1.0.0
  ecogrid-1.0.0beta2 2 Collapse all/Expand all
2301 Bug deploy ecogrid-1.0.0beta2 services for metacat, srb, digir, geon New Immediate Jing Tao ecogrid-1.0.0beta2
2276 Bug Investigate security facilities for Web Services New Normal Kevin Ruland ecogrid-1.0.0beta2
  ecogrid-1.1.0 4 Collapse all/Expand all
3112 Bug Deploy ecogrid-1.0.0 services for DiGIR and enforce namespaces New Normal Dave Vieglais ecogrid-1.1.0
1637 Bug EcoGrid Web - Design New Normal Lucas Gilbert ecogrid-1.1.0
1638 Bug EcoGrid Web - Implementation New Normal Lucas Gilbert ecogrid-1.1.0
1163 Bug install and configure certificate authority system for ecogrid New Immediate Jing Tao ecogrid-1.1.0
  eScience-01May2004 2 Collapse all/Expand all
1375 Bug Add deployment target to ant build file In Progress Normal Aimee Stewart eScience-01May2004
1377 Bug Create UML diagram from stubs In Progress Normal Aimee Stewart eScience-01May2004
  July312008 3 Collapse all/Expand all
3385 Bug create ontology upload interface In Progress Normal Chad Berkley July312008
3386 Bug ontology management with metacat New Normal Chad Berkley July312008
3387 Bug ontology validation New Normal Chad Berkley July312008
  Postpone 11 Collapse all/Expand all
1403 Bug Add test database creation to build process New Normal Aimee Stewart Postpone
1336 Bug create ecology specific pipelines New Normal Mark Schildhauer Postpone
1402 Bug Create small test database with hickory and mosses In Progress Normal Aimee Stewart Postpone
1158 Bug create wsdl for ecogrid query level III interfaces New Normal Peter McCartney Postpone
1596 Bug data integration of Niche Modeling in Ecogrid New Normal Lucas Gilbert Postpone
1397 Bug Implement highest priority interfaces (first 7 of following list of 9) In Progress Normal Aimee Stewart Postpone
1162 Bug implement level III ecogrid methods for Xylopia In Progress Normal Leo Charles Postpone
1450 Bug Implement two different relate algorithms In Progress Normal Robert Gales Postpone
2385 Bug Querying with OR Conditions to DiGIR node for darwincore data In Progress Normal Jing Tao Postpone
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