From 08/27/2000 to 09/25/2000


09:04 AM Bug #135 (Closed): Implement a prototype veg plots DB
Implement, using the design modifications made during the September 2000
meetings, a veg plots database.
John Harris
08:49 AM Bug #134 (Closed): Implement a prototype plant taxon DB
Develop a plant Taxon Database, using the plants 1996/2000 data and the
assumptions made by Peet, to interface with...
John Harris
08:44 AM Bug #133 (Closed): Prepare a ERD for the taxon component NVC database
This diagram should reflect the current thinking of: Taswell, Jones, Peet and
Harris and should allow for interacti...
John Harris
08:07 AM Bug #107: Veg Plots Table Problems on Oracle (dev)
The problem no longer exists John Harris
08:04 AM Bug #132 (Closed): Prepare Tecnical Planning Document For October 15th
Write a technical report detailing the data model(s) for the plots database and
possibly the taxon database. This ...
John Harris
07:57 AM Bug #106: Loaders for prototype data into prototype DB
Currently, revising the loaders so that they will work with the TNC plots data
for the database reflecting the plots...
John Harris
07:54 AM Bug #108: Design/develop a web site to support the Veg Plot Database Project
Currently, working on revising the website for the upcomming October deadline. John Harris
07:52 AM Bug #102: Complete proposed ERD - for September meeting
The september meeting was successful, the ERD is currently being revised John Harris


10:33 AM Bug #108 (Closed): Design/develop a web site to support the Veg Plot Database Project
Design a web site to support the development of the Veg Plot Database project.
This should include at the mimimum:...
John Harris

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