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959 Bug Resolved check with C.Fogelsong and P.Huddleston New Ref Model Design Actions
956 Bug Resolved provide testing Access DB and expected XML output Actions
938 Bug Resolved "Required" fields currently must be > 2 characters -- lastName=Ng fails Actions
937 Bug Resolved certification application fails Actions
928 Bug Resolved Impliment constraints on data fields Actions
873 Bug Closed [1293] View a plot, quick view:evaluate Actions
872 Bug Closed [1296] View a plot, quick view:implement Actions
857 Bug Resolved Evaluate: View a plot, quick view Actions
851 Bug Resolved Emails may not be duplicated in user Actions
849 Bug Resolved Submission report to manager Actions
781 Bug Resolved Revise VegBank accessionnumber Actions
731 Bug Resolved [460] Data loader plugins:NPS PLOTS:Values for required fields missing Actions
726 Bug Resolved Data loader plugins:VegBranch plots:Assess accuracy Actions
725 Bug Resolved [505] Data loader plugins:VegBranch plots:Fix errors in loading process Actions
708 Bug Resolved Implement comm. taxonomy database / app changes Actions
707 Bug Resolved [333] Enter basic EcoArt:Rebuild DB with new model-b Actions
695 Bug Resolved [300] Revision and review of data model for References:Picklists-a Actions
691 Bug Resolved [186] Test all features of website for functionality-c Actions
685 Bug Resolved Redesign plant taxonomy data model Actions
684 Bug Resolved [255] Enter basic PLANTS:Revise data model w/ loaders and sql changes-b Actions
683 Bug Resolved Website cleanup:Lots of missing text blurbs-a Actions
682 Bug Resolved [115] Website cleanup:Lots of missing text blurbs-b Actions
106 Bug Closed Loaders for prototype data into prototype DB Actions

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