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From 08/27/2009 to 09/25/2009


11:51 AM Morpho Bug #4418 (Resolved): "about" box displays incorrect version number
When you go to "morpho > About morpho" from the computer menu bar, the version displayed is 1.0 Will Tyburczy
11:49 AM Morpho Bug #4417 (Resolved): 1.7.0 - Dialogue Boxes Cause Underlying Window to Freeze
There seem to be a few circumstances after you get a dialogue box that causes the underlying window to freeze.
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Will Tyburczy
11:35 AM Morpho Bug #4416 (New): 1.7.0 - Geographic Coverage Sites List Should Record Tool Type
When you select an item the shortcut list of sites in the geographic coverage window, it does not remember what tool ... Will Tyburczy

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