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Login forwarding problems

Added by Michael Lee about 16 years ago. Updated almost 16 years ago.

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I registered as a new user. Then I went to "submit data" link, put a file name into the box and pressed "continue." The site correctly told me that I didn't have certification (though this should have been done earlier, see bug 2476). Then it prompted me to login. I didn't login, but went somewhere else with the links on that page. Then when I tried to login another time, it forwarded me to or something similar and there was a tomcat error saying the bean "email" couldn't be found. That is probably needed for, but regardless, I should not have been sent there from the second login attempt, but rather to the homepage.


#1 Updated by Michael Lee almost 16 years ago

this no longer results in an error screen, because the bug 2476 is fixed. Still, it is disorienting to get forwarded to a page that you weren't expecting.

#2 Updated by Michael Lee almost 16 years ago

I have a potential solution to this, if I can only figure out how to wrestle struts into submission. If I can add a field to the form, such that I can both populate its value and get that value from the LogonAction, it would be fairly simple to disallow forwarding when someone just clicks the "login" button, which is a different wrapper page than when someone tries to do something, but doesn't have permission. I shall have to talk with Chad about how to do this, as all my efforts have met with "invalid field" and "no getter method for blahblahblah."

#3 Updated by Michael Lee almost 16 years ago

This is a mere annoyance, and it no longer breaks anything. The user does get logged in, just forwarded to the wrong screen if they tried to access some advanced feature first.

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