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It would be cool if there was a patch process by which someone could download something (what?) and apply the patch to the database somehow. This would allow adding new code, even queries and tables, perhaps. Doubtfully new forms. And then they could get these updates, apply them, and they wouldn't have to update to new versions.

Would be tricky as then we'd have version 2.0.2 patched 2 and 2.0.3 and 2.0.4 etc. But we will need simple patches for things, like the project-by-project request for the simple EPP reports. It involves commenting out one line of code, but I can't do that remotely. :(


#1 Updated by Michael Lee almost 14 years ago

I have created a function pm_importPatch() that reads in the contents of a file, checks to make sure they have headers that I designed to ensure that someone wouldn't accidentally add some weird file (and potentially ruin their db), then adds that to a module called patchesImported.

there is also a patches table that keeps track of which patches have been imported and which applied successfully.

todo: user interface that allows users to see what they've applied and retry failed ones. I don't think they'll be able to uninstall patches, though.

#2 Updated by Michael Lee almost 14 years ago

UI now exists, error handling has been improved with better logging. Browsing for files is the newer kind of browsing (looks like windows, not green DOS).

You can link to this functionality from the advanced features button from the options page of the main menu.

As I don't have any updates/patches to apply yet, I can't test it, but I have successfully imported completed modules and then run the contents of them.

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