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Bob, Forbes, and I just talked on the phone about classification and there are a few things we would like to do (the following points will all be made sub-bugs):

1) import a large amount of data from our excel spreadsheet tracking classification into the archive database.
Forbes will be adding 3 fields to it: 1) date classified, 2) classifiers, and 3) status (0=do not import into archive database, 1=DO import)

2) we need a framework for communities wherein we are placing a plot. This was thought originally to go into commClass and we'd mandate that only communities adhering to this framework could be linked from a classification event. However, we now believe it would be better to put this into commInterpretation, because we may need to classify to a different framework at a higher level (CVS higher levels) when CEGLs do not exist for a plot's community. Field: commInterpretation.cust_cvs_framework_id - reference which describes the classification system used, e.g. Braun-Blanquet, Forest Service Cover Types, US-NVC, or an idiosyncratic system.

3) We need a placeholder for "none of the above" when a plot does not fit into ANY community within a particular framework.

4) The viewer needs to be upgraded to both display and edit/annotate classification information. We want to be able to create a package of updates which can be shipped back and applied to the central archive. Initially this will just be classifications, but eventually it could also include flags of interesting, unlikely, or corrected values.

5) The viewer needs to eventually support building datasets, either selected one-by-one or through a search (all in one project, all with a CEGL, etc.) This dataset needs to be sortable according to one's whim and exportable to Excel.

Bob described a view that would have basic plot info on the left, a species list next to it, and a window to view/edit classification. Another window on the far right would list the dataset plots along with various/configurable data for those plots, which could be clicked and the data on the left updates to match it.

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