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Directly select/edit the Annotation classes from the table

Added by ben leinfelder over 10 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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Instead of going through the motion of selecting a column, bringing up the annotation page, then bringing up the ontology browser, we should be able to bring up the ontology browser for the cell selected in the annotation table (say they clicked on the Characteristic row for a given data column).
All the rest of the annotation model would be taken care of behind the scenes.


#1 Updated by ben leinfelder over 10 years ago

Double click on the cell you want to edit:
-if there's an existing value, the ontology browser opens to that selected class
-if there is no existing observation/measurement the underlying annotation model is created (just as if the "annotate current column" had been invoked.

TODO: allow values to be blank so that you can actually remove/undo selections you've made

#2 Updated by ben leinfelder over 10 years ago

Now if you don't select a class in the ontology browser (actually it's not that easy to do since you have to cntrl+click to deselect anything) the corresponding class will be set to null - essentially blanking out the annotation for that aspect of the attribute.
This is not the same as removing the Measurement or the Observation. Those objects stick around forever. So the real "TODO" is to add a removal menu option for deleting measurements and observations from the annotation model.

#3 Updated by ben leinfelder over 10 years ago

hey, look at that, this is done.

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