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Load Annotations from Metacat in Annotation plugin

Added by ben leinfelder almost 13 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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Currently only locally stored annotations are loaded (at startup when the Annotation Plugin is initialized).
For a large local corpus of EML data packages that all have annotations, this could get costly. Moreover, loading all remote annotations would be a nightmare if we did it at start up (worst case scenario).
I think the best approach for remote files will be to search for and load their annotations when they themselves are opened.
We want to continue to load local annotations (until we run into a memory limit and have to solve that problem) so that we can continue to support the current annotation-based searching.

So back to the topic of this bug:
when a DP is opened from the remote repository, the associated annotation[s] should be downloaded and loaded into the SMS manager. This will allow us to continue annotating the DP as though it were local. (Perhaps we should force a network>local synchronization before annotation begins? TBD)

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Blocks Semtools - Bug #4768: UI for managing annotation ontologiesResolvedben leinfelder02/06/2010

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Updated by ben leinfelder almost 13 years ago

adding dependency on the UI bug so I can close that but still have a link.
My hunch is that we'll want to manage local (as seen in 4768) along with remote ontologies on the same screen

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Updated by ben leinfelder over 12 years ago

Remote (Metacat-stored) annotations are now being loaded in the local (Morpho) AnnotationManager when the EML packages are opened from the remote location. They are both cached behind the scenes, but appear to be "network" resources when saving.
This works fine for viewing and editing annotations and for sharing your annotated datapackages with others, but it does not address annotation-based searching for remote annotations. I think that still needs to be a Metacat feature that Morpho can call rather than something the local Morpho annotation manager loads at startup (costly).

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Original Bugzilla ID was 4770

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Updated by ben leinfelder about 9 years ago

  • Target version changed from Unspecified to morpho-plugin-0.9.0

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