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MN.update() fails but modifies revision chain

Added by ben leinfelder over 10 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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Hello Ben, Chris,

I was trying to update two data and metadata files for some old subtidal data today and ran into a problem. The two new data files updated without issue. The two metadata files did not update with a permissions error…this was the problem we discussed in February and, at that time, Chris manually set up a link between PISCO LDAP data-managers and CILOGON PISCO-data-managers. That link apparently didn’t work today. So, for the second try for the metadata files I used Matt’s suggestion of using the Member Node certificate: ‘urn:node:PISCO.pem’. That didn’t work the first time with a ‘no session has been provided’ error. I figured out that was a file permission error on the cert and fixed that and tried it again. This time the error was ‘the previous identifier has already been made obsolete by <the file I am trying to load> and it didn’t load. It appears the first update call updated the ‘obsoletedBy’ field for the old guid but didn’t load the new metadata. I’m wondering what you think the best way to fix this would be?

The metadata files are:

     pisco_subtidal.70.4 (old) and pisco_subtidal.70.5 (new…not loaded)
     pisco_subtidal.80.5 (old) and pisco_subtidal.80.6 (new…not loaded)

This shows pisco_subtidal.70.4 with obsoletedBy set to pisco_subtidal.70.5 which is not loaded (no object or meta):

<d1:systemMetadata xmlns:d1="">
<checksum algorithm="MD5">8c17d5bc327f04d6803e5241872fa85c</checksum>
<replicationPolicy replicationAllowed="false"/>

<error detailCode="1800" errorCode="404" name="NotFound">
No system metadata could be found for given PID: doi:10.6085/AA/pisco_subtidal.70.5

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Moved the call "existingSysMeta.setObsoletedBy(newPid);" to after the insert/update in Metacat is called.


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