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Command-line user management does not handle hashed passwords

Added by ben leinfelder over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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From original ticket in the identity service redmine instance (

When i tried to add a user by running this command:
./ useradd -h $2a$04$csilPspPJdMx8zt7L9XKXeUxZjkPgKZd.o7TTPC0oJOFmT2kQ/E92 -dn uid=jing2,o=NCEAS,dc=ecoinformatics,dc=org

It showed the creation succeeded. However, the password filed is not "$2a$04$csilPspPJdMx8zt7L9XKXeUxZjkPgKZd.o7TTPC0oJOFmT2kQ/E92". So the loging in can't be successful.

The API - authFile.addUser works since the junit test can set the hashed password correctly.

This is a problem in the Metacat code base so I'm moving this here so we can more easily track the 2.4.0 release.


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#2 Updated by ben leinfelder over 8 years ago

I dug around and found that the shell script decoded the bcrypt hash code. If the input (argument) is $2a$04$csilPspPJdMx8zt7L9XKXeUxZjkPgKZd.o7TTPC0oJOFmT2kQ/E92, the shell script will change it to a-bash4.o7TTPC0oJOFmT2kQ/E92 (because the shell script doesn't like $)?

I found the only way to escape the string is to add two single quotes around the hash code. But, double quotes doesn't work.

Here is the format of bcrypt hash:

$2$, $2a$ or $2y$ identifying the hashing algorithm and format.

A two digit value denoting the cost parameter, followed by $.

A 53 characters long base-64-encoded value (they use the alphabet ., /, 0–9, A–Z, a–z that is different to the standard Base 64 Encoding alphabet) consisting of:
22 characters of salt (effectively only 128 bits of the 132 decoded bits)
31 characters of encrypted output (effectively only 184 bits of the 186 decoded bits)

#3 Updated by ben leinfelder over 8 years ago

I confirmed that the script doesn't like the "$" as a part of the argument. It will work if we remove the dollar sign part. However, we have to keep them.

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#5 Updated by Jing Tao over 8 years ago

I added note to let user know that the hashed password should be surround by single quotes.

#6 Updated by ben leinfelder over 8 years ago

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Tested this on my localhost and it works with single quotes.

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