Bug #779

Build validation package:Compare values against picklists

Added by Michael Lee almost 20 years ago. Updated over 17 years ago.

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#1 Updated by Michael Lee over 19 years ago

I think this is already underway with the XML closed list validation process.

#2 Updated by Michael Lee over 19 years ago

  • Bug 695 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

#3 Updated by Michael Lee over 19 years ago

I think this bug has to deal with making a validation process that checks plot
data to make sure any values that are restricted to a closed list are checked
and verified before inserting the plots. I pass this bug to Gabe for him to
tell us where we are on this and how we plan to enforce the closed lists.
Perhaps it's done? The closed lists are done.

This bug may also partially refer to a pre-validation step that could take place
before actually requesting plots to be inserted into Vegbank. That is a
different bug, which is bug 1050.

#4 Updated by Gabriel Farrell about 19 years ago

I will try to implement this new feature as part of the XML import step.

#5 Updated by Gabriel Farrell almost 19 years ago

Implicitly happens when XML validated against the schema. Future work regards
depends on building rectification system.

#6 Updated by Michael Lee over 17 years ago

changed from components that are to be deleted to "misc" so that bugs don't get
deleted with component. Sorry for all the email.

#7 Updated by Redmine Admin over 9 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 779

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