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h1. Project Team Meetings 

 h2. next meeting  

 h2. 4/4/2013 

 Scott, Matt, Corinna, Syd 

 Scott and Syd going to ASU end of April to work with Julie 

 Syd: report from last group call 
 larger group participated, decided that each working group should meet separately 
 group 1: Syd, Julie, Eric 
 Eric posted diversity metrics on github 
 challenge: choose the metrics 
 datasets: how will they be chosen 
 plant community dataset, annually sampled, plus insect community dataset, or small mammal community - multiple datasets from the same sites, annually sampled. Limitation is co-location of datasets. SEV, KNZ, JRN, maybe VCR 

 Matt: discussion with Ben and Lauren where to go with the repository. Initially a web interface to drop things and search and find. Next step is to access them within the working environment (R, Kepler). 


 h2. 3/19/2014 

 Scott, Matt, Corinna 

 Annual report: Scott has submitted 
 reconvene the workshop group to continue work on papers. Possibly with ISEES meeting: possibly September 2 - 4 followed by commdyn workshop: September 5 - 7  

 Action items: 
 Matt to write up and circulate specifications for Ben to work on starting in May, 2014, based on recommendations from the workshop 
 collaboration tool to share workflows should work across platforms, not only Kepler 

 Corinna send thank you e-mail to workshop participants.  
 Corinna move everything from redmine to github. 

 set up times for paper working groups to meet online. Start with the one Syd already initiated, then follow with other groups. 
 set up structure in github for the four groups. 

 h2. 2/27/2014 

 Scott, Matt, Syd, Corinna 

 Possibly have a follow up workshop in September together with ISEES meeting in Santa Barbara 
 Important to keep the good momentum going for the different working groups that have started. 

 write e-mail to remind everyone of what we agreed to do. 

 h2. 2/13/2014 

 Scott, Matt, Corinna 

 Discussion of the workshop outcomes. 

 h2. 11/22/2013 

 Scott, Syd, Corinna 

 Workshop preparation: What to ask people to do in preparation for attending: 
 bring a dataset - multi species and multi sampling 
 how do you want to analyze your data 
 bring R code if available 
 What questions can be asked across several datasets of different taxonomic groups and habitats 

 list of indices that we already have identified on this website 
 R code to handle the four example datasets 

 Kepler workflow to access the data via EML and pass on a R dataframe 
 Or R code accessing datasets in DataONE 

 h2. 10/11/2013 

 Matt, Scott, Corinna 

 plans for the workshop: 

 treat part of the workshop as hackathon, combine ecologists, R specialist, and workflow specialist in groups to actually implement an analysis. 

 Data sets: people should bring their data sets. 

 Syd to find appropriate data sets and give feedback on how to find them.  

 goals of workshop:  

 list of analyses, list of data sets, what is need to move from raw data to analyses and visualization. 

 h2. 9/17/2013 

 Matt, Scott, Syd, Sam, Corinna 

 Started list of potential invitees for the workshop in google docs. 

 h2. 8/27/2013 

 Matt, Scott, Syd, Sam, Corinna 

 Matt is still trying to hire a programmer 
 Corinna announced project at LTER IM meeting and got several responses regarding datasets available. Specifically GCE, LUQ, and VCR 
 Syd has started R programming for some community change indeces 

 workshop planning: 
 start document for goals, participants and agenda 

 action items: 
 Corinna start document for workshop planning 
 Syd and Sam communicate about R routines for data manipulation 
 Syd and Scot get names of datasets from SEV and KNZ to Corinna 
 Corinna and Sam work with Kristin and Adam to get EML for those datasets 

 h2. 6/13/2013 

 Matt, Scott, Syd, Sam, Corinna 

 Action items from last meeting 
 Scott - report from the Science Council meeting re. datasets 
 Matt - intro to project management system and start of tracking Community Change indices 
 Corinna - start list of participants for first workshop at NCEAS 

 Scott announced the project at the LTER Science Council meeting 
 Important to remember is that we have support to clean data and document them in EML. We are not expecting the information managers at other sites to add this to their tasks. We can take datasets that have at least 10 data points at even time intervals. 

 Action items: 
 Matt: add functionality to this project management system to track datasets from a general idea of its existence to actually being in the NIS/DataONE 
 Corinna: start adding Community Change indices from the proposal to redmine.  

 h2. 5/2/2013 

 Matt, Syd, Corinna 

 Today we filled Syd in a bit on her role in the project and talked some more about the first workshop in spring 2014. 

 Action items: 
 Corinna - doodle for the community workshop in February/March and set date 
 Syd - download and explore Kepler 
 Scott and Syd - start list of community change metrics that we want to encode 
 Matt - hire programmer 

 Next project team meeting: 6/13/2013 1 pm MDT