From 04/08/2008 to 05/07/2008


01:57 PM Bug #3281: Enable next automatically in SelectFormat
Implemented by overriding isNextEanbledInitially in SelectFormat Ryan McFall
11:30 AM Bug #3281 (Resolved): Enable next automatically in SelectFormat
When the select format page is displayed, if an existing format is selected, then the next button should automaticall... Ryan McFall
11:16 AM Bug #3280 (Resolved): Add "Not specified" option for radio button groups to fix Java 5/6 compatibility issues
We need "not specified" options for radio button groups on:
Data Type Specification
Assigning columns to question...
Ryan McFall
11:14 AM Bug #3279 (Resolved): Auto-select first unspecified column in DataTypeSpecification
When the import data window is opened, the first unspecified column should be selected. Ryan McFall

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