From 09/04/2008 to 10/03/2008


11:40 AM Bug #3353: ResponseItem subclasses do not write answers to XML
This is something to pay attention to a bit more closely. Though the parser interface does not currently provide a w... ben leinfelder
10:37 AM Bug #3342: UI for launching parser in Morpho is awkward
Parser launch has been integrated with the menu system - there is no intermediate step.
Parser is also being used to ...
ben leinfelder
10:36 AM Bug #3351: Ellie Poley test task
clean up... ben leinfelder
10:35 AM Bug #3348: introducing a validation error in document causes save to fail silently
will have to test this again now that many many changes have been made to the Save features for regular Morpho... ben leinfelder

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