From 05/24/2008 to 06/22/2008


03:53 PM Bug #3411 (New): Site records and plot records (BLUE RECORDS)
Bruce Sorrie just sent a long list of county site records, but we have no way to add these as blue recordes other tha... Robert Peet
03:45 PM Bug #3410 (New): Literature record option does not work
I went into the admin page and added a (fictional) record for literature for Aristida stricta for Orange Co NC based ... Robert Peet


01:53 PM Bug #3320: Data Monitoring Report Issues
It would be nice to be able to print the data from any year, not just the most recent, if say, the pdf file was lost/... Michael Lee
12:21 PM Bug #3320 (Resolved): Data Monitoring Report Issues
Now that users are creating their own reports, they need some fixes:
1) Blank pages exist between plots ... someti...
Michael Lee

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