From 08/13/2009 to 09/11/2009


10:49 AM Bug #4383 (New): project 59, team 6 cover by strata method error
For 3 plots in project 59, team 6, cover by strata gets filled in with only values 1 and 2 and a few 3s (one 4). Mat... Michael Lee


01:55 PM Bug #4377: Improvements to Community Webpages
7)... aspect should be deviation from 180 Michael Lee
11:34 AM Bug #4377 (Resolved): Improvements to Community Webpages
1) add community name (scientific and common)
2) Add woody strata (T/S)
3) Add # stems, BA
4) Switch to percentile...
Michael Lee
11:41 AM Bug #4378 (New): Classification Automation Tools
1) Assess classification of current plots based on composition
a) distance metrics to centroid as start
b) flag...
Michael Lee


12:51 PM Bug #4158: Start Date: make consistent in label on datasheets
this is done on version 46b (2009b) for the datasheets. Michael Lee

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