From 04/19/2012 to 05/18/2012


03:05 PM Revision 7176 (metacat): default replication policy set to 0.
ben leinfelder
12:09 PM Revision 7175 (metacat): instead of generating SM and ORE maps during dataone configuration/MN registration, moved this all to the replication admin screen where we can target generation for specific nodes. That way it's more controlled as to when and where we generate DataONE required content. ben leinfelder
12:00 PM Revision 7174 (metacat): include all EML versions (had been only eml 2.1 for testing)
ben leinfelder
11:59 AM Revision 7173 (metacat): new d1 jars for: remove exception from method decl - was not matching the interface def and not compiling.
ben leinfelder
05:43 PM Revision 7172 (metacat): Append more information such as user name and group to the validating session response.
Jing Tao


12:46 PM Revision 7171 (metacat): remove exception from method decl - was not matching the interface def and not compiling.
ben leinfelder


02:36 PM Revision 7170 (metacat): add "Generate System Metadata" button to the replication server list display. When clicked, we generate SM for records belonging to that source server. This is only enabled when DataONE has been configured. ben leinfelder


03:45 PM Revision 7169 (metacat): expose serverLocation parameter to run GenerateSystemMetadata for different replication parters as needed. ben leinfelder


04:30 PM Revision 7168 (metacat): only generate system metadata for original objects. ben leinfelder


02:50 PM Revision 7167 (metacat): test for running concurrent Metacat queries to mimic Kepler data search. ben leinfelder


04:21 PM Revision 7166 (metacat): check if person's equivalentIdentity list is null before processing recursively ben leinfelder
03:59 PM Revision 7165 (metacat): D1 common lib AuthUtils update
ben leinfelder
09:11 AM Revision 7164 (metacat): include testSynchronizationFailed() and call as the CN subject so that it is authorized.
ben leinfelder
09:06 AM Revision 7163 (metacat): use MN (self) as the Session.subject so that the MN.delete() call is successful.
ben leinfelder
08:58 AM Revision 7162 (metacat): handle authorization for delete() differently for CN vs MN.
On the CN, only the CN (or tbd admin user) can call it.
On the MN, both the CN (or admin user) and the _same_ MN can ...
ben leinfelder


02:55 PM Revision 7161 (metacat): comment out testDelete because it requires acting as the MN
comment out testSynchronizationFailed because it requires acting as the CN ben leinfelder
02:49 PM Revision 7160 (metacat): uncomment the MN tests (I bet this was an oversight during local testing)
ben leinfelder
02:48 PM Revision 7159 (metacat): add Session-less archive() method
ben leinfelder
11:59 AM Revision 7158 (metacat): jars with CN/MN.archive() libclient implementations
ben leinfelder
11:14 AM Revision 7157 (metacat): only admin users can call MN/CN.delete(). This is limited to any CN and only the MN that is calling itself
ben leinfelder
10:47 AM Revision 7156 (metacat): update the sysmeta data modified when setting archived=true ben leinfelder
10:26 AM Revision 7155 (metacat): handle CN.archive() rest call: PUT /archive/{pid} ben leinfelder
10:25 AM Revision 7154 (metacat): correct log about 'archive' being called
ben leinfelder
10:15 AM Revision 7153 (metacat): handle 'archive' rest calls ben leinfelder
10:15 AM Revision 7152 (metacat): updated d1 jars
ben leinfelder
09:18 AM Revision 7151 (metacat): [optionally] do not archive the xml_documents and xml_nodes to *_revisions when 'deleting' a document. This will effectively guarantee that the document/data cannot be retrieved after delete.
NOTE: D1 system metadata will persist (for now) so that the ID cannot be reused with the DataONE API but Metacat call... ben leinfelder


04:03 PM Revision 7150 (metacat): optionally remove the document/data file from the filesystem completely when 'deleting' it. ben leinfelder
03:42 PM Revision 7149 (metacat): newer d1 jars that include shared AuthUtilsmethod for isAuthorized() consistency ben leinfelder
03:35 PM Revision 7148 (metacat): implement MN and CN.archive() method -- really just the existing delete() methods.
ben leinfelder
03:05 PM Revision 7147 (metacat): call MN.delete() for each replica when CN.delete() is called ben leinfelder
02:20 PM Revision 7146 (metacat): defer to AuthUtils for flattening out the equivIdent subject list. ben leinfelder


10:24 AM Revision 7145 (metacat): check normal access control rules for getSystemMetadata before deferring to MN replica information that may grant MNs additional access to the SM. ben leinfelder


03:33 PM Revision 7144 (metacat): include Session-less interface methods and updated jars that define them.
ben leinfelder


10:42 AM Revision 7143 (metacat): use a shared ExecutorService for replicate() calls. ben leinfelder


02:04 PM Revision 7142 (metacat): remove extraneous pid and permission parameters from isAdminAuthorized() method and make public so that it can be called in other locations - namely before our asynchronous replicate() implementation on the MN.
ben leinfelder
01:50 PM Revision 7141 (metacat): check for empty null (missing) node.subjectList. This should probably be a required element in the D1 schema, but it appears not. (ORNL entry was missing subjects in cn-dev environment)
ben leinfelder
11:57 AM Revision 7140 (metacat): just use the e.getMessage() as e.getCause() may be null (seeing NPE when testing via the MN IT tester)
ben leinfelder

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