From 12/26/2016 to 01/24/2017


12:40 PM Revision 10174 (metacat): - Clean up isoroot selectors and comments. Use relative xpaths when possible
- Clean up the output of the ex module
- Misc whitespace/formatting fixes
Bryce Mecum


01:07 PM Revision 10173 (metacat): Ensure XML run response from quality engine. Use mock http request to ensure correct save behavior of the resulting run. and
ben leinfelder


04:45 PM Feature #7171 (Closed): Run MDQ suite on insert/update
Added MDQClient to handle this in a non-blocking thread on insert/update. Also see ben leinfelder
04:36 PM Revision 10172 (metacat): Trigger MDQ when inserting or updating metadata documents. and
ben leinfelder


06:30 PM Revision 10171 (metacat): index the multiple values provided by award number lookup.
ben leinfelder
04:40 PM Feature #7171 (Closed): Run MDQ suite on insert/update
We are looking to have Metacat handle quality reports by submitting new and updated metadata records to the MDQ engin... ben leinfelder


02:26 PM Revision 10169 (metacat): Clean up ISO stylesheet formatting
Bryce Mecum


01:38 PM Revision 10168 (metacat): Fixed a typo.
Jing Tao
11:53 AM Revision 10166 (metacat): Add a new completed task.
Jing Tao
11:51 AM Feature #7058 (Resolved): Action reindexall should be asynchronized
The submit is now in another thread and the return will be immediate. Jing Tao
10:42 AM Revision 10164 (metacat): The indexall action will be run on another thread.
Jing Tao


02:17 PM Revision 10162 (metacat): Change the default test replication server.
Jing Tao

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