From 07/18/2011 to 08/16/2011


01:09 PM Bug #5472 (Resolved): Reset derik's CVS password
Reset derik's CVS password. Derik Barseghian
01:08 PM Bug #5471 (Resolved): get package#1 datasets to Derik
Get package#1 datasets to Derik. Derik Barseghian
01:06 PM Bug #5470 (Resolved): discuss which statistical techniques to use with Ken
Discuss with Ken which statistical techniques to use for package#1, pass on to Derik to implement, ideally using pre-... Derik Barseghian
01:03 PM Bug #5469 (Resolved): grant Derik admin access to SciencePipes sites
Get Derik admin access to the 2 SciencePipes instances. Derik Barseghian
01:01 PM Bug #5468 (New): produce dynamic charts
Switch to using new version of Google Charts API or some open-source alternative to produce interactive chart results... Derik Barseghian
12:46 PM Bug #5467 (Resolved): Tag CommunityServices and JobEngine in Cornell CVS
CommunityServices and JobEngine are code shared with other projects. In committing these to the Kepler SVN we will ef... Derik Barseghian
12:41 PM Bug #5466: remove any private data from SciencePipes codebase
Derik will do a first pass, committing changes to cornell CVS, then Paul will do a pass. Derik Barseghian
12:41 PM Bug #5466 (In Progress): remove any private data from SciencePipes codebase
Remove any passwords, keys, etc. from the SciencePipes codebase before committing it into the Kepler SVN repository. Derik Barseghian
12:34 PM Bug #5465 (New): make SciencePipes licensing compatible with Kepler
Paul is ok with licensing SciencePipes as BSD.
*Need to create the license file(s).
*Go through SciencePipes J...
Derik Barseghian
12:20 PM Bug #5464 (In Progress): move SciencePipes codebase to kepler repository
Move SciencePipes from Cornell CVS into a module in the Kepler SVN repository. This module will initially not work wi... Derik Barseghian

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