From 12/22/2004 to 01/20/2005


09:44 AM Bug #1336: create ecology specific pipelines
reassigning to schildhauer because rich is no longer working with us. Dan can
probably work on this too.
Chad Berkley
09:25 AM Bug #1753: Better caching for large Digir DataSets
This now works, Digir datasets are no longer kep in memory. The parsers read
them directory from the cahe (disk)
Rod Spears


11:12 AM Bug #1852 (Resolved): ENM IIIH - Actors for grid logical and math operations
Summarizing the results of multiple GARP calculations will require logical
(AND/OR) and math operations on mutiple g...
Dan Higgins
11:04 AM Bug #1746: ENM IIIG - Saving GARP Rulesets for Climate Variation Calcs
Note that we need to be able to save not only save RuleSets, but also a number
of GARP result maps (grids) so that re...
Dan Higgins

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