From 03/06/2011 to 04/04/2011


03:27 PM Bug #5374: Use 'semquery' within Morpho
When the semquery and keyword and spatial queries are integrated in Metacat, Morpho should also make use of this serv... ben leinfelder
03:26 PM Bug #5374 (New): Use 'semquery' within Morpho
Instead of loading all remote annotations from Metacat into Morpho before performing the semantic query, Morpho shoul... ben leinfelder
03:15 PM Bug #4724: Mark data package as changed when Annotation is edited
Annotation should be saved if it has changed - the application should indicate that there are unsaved changes (either... ben leinfelder
02:53 PM Bug #4675: EML:DataTable:Annotation cardinality
Here's the current plan:
-only allow a single annotation per EML datapackage
-the annotation can only be updated by s...
ben leinfelder
02:47 PM Bug #5373 (New): OntologyManager: registration and archiving
I think we all agree that when an annotation references an ontology we should import the referenced ontology and any ... ben leinfelder
02:34 PM Bug #5372: Update annotation entries when updated in Metacat
Other components (DataONE) could also use this mechanism. EventLogging might also make use of this model as well as t... ben leinfelder
02:33 PM Bug #5372 (Resolved): Update annotation entries when updated in Metacat
There is a new MetacatEventService that allows components (SemtoolsPlugin) to register as a listener for MetacatEvent... ben leinfelder
02:30 PM Bug #5371 (New): AnnotationManager: query performance
Identify long-running aspects of semquery. First glance indicates that returning the metadata/annotation content to b... ben leinfelder
02:18 PM Bug #5370 (Resolved): AnnotationManager: persistence layer [re]initialization
When using the server-based persistence layer, Annotations that have previously been processed/imported will remain i... ben leinfelder
02:08 PM Bug #5369 (Closed): AnnotationManager: persistence layer Oracle support
Supported and tested: Postgres (server) and Derby (in-memory).
Should verify that Oracle can also be used.
The stac...
ben leinfelder
02:05 PM Bug #5368 (New): Compound query conditions
We allow grouping of semantic query conditions, but not in the web UI. Adding grouping makes the UI much more complic... ben leinfelder
02:02 PM Bug #5367 (New): Verify "same observation as" query criteria
The "strict=true" query condition mode indicates that the criteria in that group must come from the same observation ... ben leinfelder
01:53 PM Bug #5366 (New): Integrate semantic query with keyword and spatial query
Combining semantic, keyword and spatial criteria will allow a smoother transition from non-semantic metadata to seman... ben leinfelder
01:48 PM Bug #5365 (New): Context-based semantic query
Include interace for expressing context criteria for a semantic query. The query syntax allows context criteria, but ... ben leinfelder

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