Michael Lee's activity

From 08/18/2002 to 09/16/2002


11:47 AM VegBank Bug #593 (Resolved): Viewing VegBank tables directly
Bob, Mike Jennings, and Michael Lee need to be instructed (and given
permissions) to access the SQL prompt on VegBa...
Michael Lee


08:11 AM VegBank Bug #590: test
This was just a test, it need not clutter up our lives any further! Michael Lee
08:05 AM VegBank Bug #590 (Resolved): test
test -- Michael Lee


05:44 PM VegBank Bug #580: change picklist for classfit in commInterpretation
vegBranch version beta 3.0.1 now has the closed list corrected. This will
obviously cause problems if users attempt...
Michael Lee


10:13 AM VegBank Bug #565: Balance HTML and enforce 800 width table webpage format
The larger horizontal screen size was decided against. Leaving this as is.
Changing structure of pages so as to em...
Michael Lee


02:32 PM VegBank Bug #564 (Resolved): Querying by taxon (acer) results in duplicate plot results
I queried by acer to get plots with 'Acer', and because Acer is duplicated in
a plot - on the subplot (?) the query...
Michael Lee

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