Shawn Bowers's activity

From 04/15/2010 to 05/14/2010


04:16 PM Semtools Bug #5000: oboe-core: comment all classes and properties
Added comments to all classes and properties. These should be reviewed and possibly revised prior to publishing. Shawn Bowers


10:44 AM Semtools Bug #5004 (New): oboe: create an oboe-examples ontology for documenting "best practices"
Should be comprised of a set of examples from the oboe "getting started" guide. These examples should also encode "be... Shawn Bowers
10:41 AM Semtools Bug #5003 (New): oboe: develop a high-level "getting started" guide / documentation
This should also include a set of simple examples and a corresponding ontology oboe-examples simply for the sake of t... Shawn Bowers
10:38 AM Semtools Bug #5002 (New): oboe-unit: create new oboe-unit for oboe-core
Modify the current oboe-unit to conform to the new oboe-core structure. Primarily requires modifying the characterist... Shawn Bowers
09:12 AM Semtools Bug #5001 (New): oboe-core: ensure new characteristic structure still supports unit conversion
This needs to be done using some examples ... maybe a "unit-test" ontology (not sure what this would be)? Shawn Bowers
09:08 AM Semtools Bug #5000 (Resolved): oboe-core: comment all classes and properties
Provide comments for each class and property definition. Many of these can be taken from oboe.owl. Shawn Bowers

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