Bug #1049

need XML uploader to work with Usage as child of Status

Added by Michael Lee over 19 years ago. Updated about 16 years ago.

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This is a 2.0.0 bug, though for the short time, and also perhaps longer term, I
do have an easier solution: add commUsage.commStatus_ID as a field, but don't
take away commParty_ID or commConcept_ID. It will simply be a different way of
looking up the concept, party, and status. If you want the concept, grab it, if
you want the status, grab it. This is not ideal design, but it will allow us to
grab statuses, which has become even more important now that level and parent
reside there. For now, I place this bug as 1.0.1 for simply adding the new
field and 2.0.0 for refactoring it and removing plantUsage.plantConcept_ID and

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Blocked by VegBank - Bug #1767: Loading plots causes duplication of stratumType for extant stratumMethodsResolved11/09/2004


#1 Updated by Michael Lee almost 19 years ago

Implementation field, this has been added for ease of getting at status from usage

#2 Updated by Michael Lee over 18 years ago

This field has been added with 1.0.2 model. Now we have to be sure that it will
get populated correctly and then queried correctly, where applicable. Now, I
don't think that there are any queries in VegBank that rely on this (VegBranch
does). But we will need to populate this field upon plant/comm loading.

this field= plantUsage.plantStatus_ID and commUsage.commStatus_ID

#3 Updated by Michael Lee over 18 years ago

This denormalized field is of lesser importance that other urgent bugs.

#4 Updated by P. Anderson over 18 years ago

This can be taken care of with the updated plant/comm. add features.

#5 Updated by Michael Lee about 18 years ago

Need to ensure this gets done on VegBank db and in VegBranch when adding new
plants/comms. Any addition of plants and comms through website functionaility
will need to include handling this aspect. Specifically
plantUsage.plantStatus_ID and commUsage.commStatus_ID need to be populated

New views of comms and plants include/depend on this feature

#6 Updated by Michael Lee almost 18 years ago

VegBranch now supports this fully. usage.concept_ID and usage.party_ID are
moved to implementation fields. Need to sync XML loader with VegBranch update,
which shouldn't be too far away.

Generic views in VegBank also support this link, as does the VegBranch "hot
fixes" button. So we are nearly there. Need to make sure final vegbank2
database has the normalization SQL completed.

#7 Updated by Michael Lee almost 18 years ago

need concept and party as implementation fields filled in from usage values
where null.

#8 Updated by P. Anderson over 17 years ago

moved the usage loops within the status loops et voila!

#9 Updated by Redmine Admin over 9 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 1049

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