From 08/16/2004 to 09/14/2004


05:49 PM Bug #1688: Plot Query criteria need to be SQL-safe
goto and select
"Ed's test" from the project picklist.
Error re...
Michael Lee
05:47 PM Bug #1688 (Resolved): Plot Query criteria need to be SQL-safe
Michael Lee
03:21 PM Bug #1661: Plot Summary View broken
this bug was a strange temporary one, not sure why it happended. This view will
soon go away anyway.
Michael Lee
03:20 PM Bug #1049: need XML uploader to work with Usage as child of Status
Need to ensure this gets done on VegBank db and in VegBranch when adding new
plants/comms. Any addition of plants an...
Michael Lee
03:18 PM Bug #1686: Finish new machine setup
*** Bug 914 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. *** Michael Lee
03:08 PM Bug #1686 (Resolved): Finish new machine setup
We need a new vegbank machine. PMark has spec'd one out: see
Michael Lee
03:18 PM Bug #914: Buy new hardware for post 1.0.0 release
since 1686 contains more info than this one, this gets marked as duplicate
*** This bug has been marked as a duplica...
Michael Lee
03:12 PM Bug #860: Flexible plot query, user powered: DEMO
Need to come up with template or demo of flexible, user powered query, where
user selects what s/he wants to query by...
Michael Lee
03:09 PM Bug #1687 (Resolved): Fix plot upload filename bug
PMark knows details of this Michael Lee
02:43 PM Bug #1685: need to have /get/{tableName}/PK# forwarding to default views
We'd like to have URLs that forward us to the appropriate default views of data
in the db. This will make new forms ...
Michael Lee
02:41 PM Bug #1685 (Resolved): need to have /get/{tableName}/PK# forwarding to default views
Michael Lee
02:40 PM Bug #1684 (Resolved): :pager is broken on nested :gets
:Pager is not being rendered when there are multiple :gets on a page.
This bug should be squashed quite soon.
Michael Lee
02:38 PM Bug #950: Need to create registry of user's public info -- design then implement
This is done, a prototype at least, on vegtest:
Michael Lee
02:37 PM Bug #1612: add new comms for CO plots and link
Karin Decker completed her work on this, but not without some problems. Waiting
on some clarification of community n...
Michael Lee
02:36 PM Bug #887: Load Jennings XML into new vegbank server
plots have moved through VegBranch again, this time with community names. When
other plots in batch are ready (NPS, ...
Michael Lee


04:05 PM Bug #1478: evaluate: Make VegBranch NPS-compatible
it now read NPS-PLOTS really nicely Michael Lee


09:13 AM Bug #846: dataset/datacart Manager
This will use the tables: userDataset and userDatasetItem to put together piles
of anything that can be referenced wi...
Michael Lee
09:08 AM Bug #1654: pdf's don't work in Mozilla on our tomcat site, but do in apache
all pdfs should go on the apache side of things, where they have just been
moved, not tomcat. This solves the pdf vi...
Michael Lee


02:08 PM Bug #1661 (Resolved): Plot Summary View broken
We should replace this view with a .jsp view using GenDispatched anyway, but I
thought this white screen of nothing ...
Michael Lee

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