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Enhancement wish list for plot-query.jsp

Added by Michael Lee over 20 years ago. Updated almost 19 years ago.

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We'd like to be able to provide the user with some information when the plot
list is returned to him/her. Currently we have VegBank accession code and
author plot name. We should add:
Lat | Collector Name | Collection date | State | Project name[?]
Long | (obsContrib, role=PI) | | |

This would provide a bit more information so that users could answer the
question: "Why should I want to view this plot?"

Actions #1

Updated by Michael Lee over 20 years ago

Eventually, we will want to return fields to the user on the query results page
based on his/her preferences. Some options for that:

1) user tells us in a "preferences" page what s/he likes to see about a plot, a
default would be provided, similar to what is listed above

2) the fields displayed would depend on what was queried. If users are
interested in elevation and TopoPosition and queries on these fields, then they
will also be added to the result display. Must be careful here, if they only
query for one topoPosition, then the new field in results doesn't provide any
extra information, save perhaps assuring the user that indeed their query has
worked as expected.

3) some combination of 1 & 2.

4) a short species list may also be desirable for some users, the coolest
possible display being some kind of floating menu that pulls down when they
hover over the "species list" icon. Like many websites use for navigation.

Actions #2

Updated by Michael Lee almost 19 years ago

We are not far from #1 and #2 of comment #1, in that the plot query now is
customizable (what fields to query). When MPQ is working, it will be
interesting to see how much we can customize the results to match what was
queried. I.E. show elevation, state, only if these are queried. Highlighting
the matched plants and comms would be really cool, but problematic.

Actions #3

Updated by Michael Lee almost 19 years ago

even closer. Essentially all we lack now is showing different results fields
based on what was queried, and allowing this to be saved in a stored configuration.

Actions #4

Updated by Michael Lee almost 19 years ago

done! Now the views see what fields were shown on the query and shows those

Actions #5

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