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Morpho Plugin for Field Data-Collection Admin

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Morpho Plugin for Field Data-Collection Admin has 2 main modes of operation:

1) Form generation:

a) basic requirement:

Add a 'Generate form' menu option, so user can browse EML data sets (local or
metacat) in morpho; which passes the current doc to the UI Generation code, and
the resulting XUL is saved somewhere (in profile?) for later download to a tablet

User can also go thru' DP wizard and create a new dataset to use as the basis of
UI generation - after creating document, proceed as above

b) future development:

If chosen Dataset has multiple tables, let user define which of these are used
as the basis of UI generation. Potentially the first step towards Mark's
requested "templating" featyre, whereby an existing dataset is used as a
starting point for a new dataset

2) dataset merging and Upload

a) basic requirement:

incoming datasets would all be put inside a subfolder that resides in the same
root directory, within the user's morpho profile - eg


Plugin would allow user to pick one of these directories, and all that dir's
contents would be sent to the fragment aggregator for merging

Resulting merged dataset would then be copied to user's main morpho profile
directory, so it can be browsed and manipulated in morpho, and can be uploaded
to metacat if required

b) future development:

Allow more sophisticated browsing (and poss Morpho search function?) to choose
datasets for merge - browser would show metadata in listings, like morpho search
results currently do (title, keywords, owner etc). User can select multiple
datasets and then hit merge button


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