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03:50 PM Jalama Bug #2447 (New): Jalama web-app XUL doesn't work in Firefox 1.5+
In the Jalama web-app ("Whippet"), the automatic XUL generation works fine, but the resulting XUL UI's don't display ... Matthew Brooke
11:15 AM Kepler Bug #2416: ICONS: Tracking bug - Rearranging and regenerating icons
here's the scoop on the icons:
"kepler-docs/dev/usability/graphics/graphics-inventory.xls" contains a summary of all...
Matthew Brooke
10:08 AM Kepler Bug #2446 (New): ICONS: Handle missing thumbnails elegantly
If an actor's SVG icon does not have a corresponding 16x16 raster thumbnail icon in kepler/lib/images/actorthunbs, or... Matthew Brooke
09:54 AM Kepler Bug #2440: Saving Workflow
This should be relatively straightforward to do, once the code is found that pops up the JFileChooser (probably in PT... Matthew Brooke


03:41 PM Kepler Bug #2445 (New): DataSource: add code to assign & display new raster thumbnail Icons for search results list
Data source icons in the Data search-results list are currently rendered badly (the display is trying to render a sma... Matthew Brooke


11:25 AM Kepler Bug #2409: Display Name Not Showing for and

Overrode assignment in code by adding this to MOML:
<property name="_hideName" class="
Matthew Brooke
11:09 AM Kepler Bug #2409: Display Name Not Showing for and
This is actually a "feature" - the name was hidden in Ptolemy because it was displayed as part of the icon.
The sour...
Matthew Brooke
10:52 AM Kepler Bug #2433: Change Actor Library folder icons to ontology symbols
Done. paths to symbols are in:
and properties are called:
Matthew Brooke


09:09 PM Kepler Bug #2438: Actors to be Renamed

- file to array converter is not really a converter - from javadoc:
This actor rea...
Matthew Brooke
09:01 PM Kepler Bug #2438: Actors to be Renamed
- This actor gets the width and height of an image as a String; it does ...
Matthew Brooke

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