Bug #1956


function to fuzz and unfuzz locations for admin

Added by Michael Lee about 18 years ago. Updated over 16 years ago.

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Actions #1

Updated by P. Anderson about 18 years ago

Enter accession code, choose fuzz value, submit.

Actions #2

Updated by Michael Lee about 18 years ago

need to have revision record with the old CONFIDENTIALITY STATUS. To "unfuzz"
we'd take the realLat/Long and use that, fuzzing to the new degree (0=none, 1-3=
various levels)

Actions #3

Updated by Michael Lee about 18 years ago

admin manages the "plotsToFuzz" dataset manually, and pushes the button to fuzz
all. Another small dataset is "plotsToUnfuzz"

Actions #4

Updated by Michael Lee over 17 years ago

owner of plots can now fuzz and unfuzz plots at will:
this is the "manage your uploaded plots" page.

Admin needs function to become owner of plots for them to use this. (easy)

Batch function needs to be added, too.

Actions #5

Updated by Michael Lee over 16 years ago

We currently have no feature that allows a user to affect the embargo status and fuzzing status of plots in a particular dataset. This would be the only workable solution for managing more than a few plots.

So we need a function where ANY user with admin rights or the user who loaded plots could update embargoes not just for one plot, but any plot which they have rights to and are in a particular dataset.

Ideally there should be an action to do something, and a confirmation box saying how many plots you are about to update. To work with this well, there should also be some view that summarizes a dataset for an admin/owner that shows the number of plots with each embargo status and fuzzing status. As well, users must be able to search within a dataset for further plots containing particular plants, which might require additional fuzzing.

Actions #6

Updated by Redmine Admin about 10 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 1956


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