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Morpho Plugin - Basic Dataset Upload and Merging

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Morpho Plugin for Field Data-Collection Admin:

2) dataset merging and Upload

a) basic requirement:

incoming datasets would all be put inside a subfolder that resides in the same
root directory, within the user's morpho profile - eg


...where "Intertidal" represents the form title or table name etc - this is
consistent across all tablets used by different people for any given group of

Plugin would allow user to pick one or more of these directories, and all
those dirs' contents would be sent to the fragment aggregator for merging. Note
that multiple selection is needed because collection might take place over
multiple days for a single dataset.

Resulting merged dataset would then be copied to user's main morpho profile
directory, so it can be browsed and manipulated in morpho, and can be uploaded
to metacat if required

Related issues

Blocked by Jalama - Bug #2026: MORPHO PLUGIN Tracking Bug - Field Data-Collection AdminResolved03/11/2005


#1 Updated by Matthew Brooke over 15 years ago



i) show directories containing forms that have been uploaded, listed by table
or form name:


user then picks one of these groups

ii) for picked one - show directories containing data collected from (say) 4
different tablets on 3 different days -

user selects which ones (directories) contain the data to be merged

iii) do merge hierarchy might actually look like this:




after merge, move datasets from jalama_incoming to jalama_processed. Ask if they
want to keep original forms or delete them

#2 Updated by Matthew Brooke over 15 years ago

conf call 18 March 2005:

when synchronizing data from tablet, put it in a subdir of ~/.jalama directory
(like: ~/.jalama/[...]/jalama_incoming/...)
instead of in ~/.morpho (like: ~/.morpho/[...]/jalama_incoming/...), as
previously mentioned.

This keeps all jalama-plugin files separate from morpho files, and dispenses
with the problem of the synch code needing to know which profile is currently
running, and therefore where to put the data.

After merge ("import"), dataset would be displayed in morpho, and then when the
user saves it, it will be put into the correct profile dir by morpho's existing
code - no brainer


#3 Updated by Matthew Brooke over 15 years ago

basic call to merger done - only thing left to do is split data out and make it
online instead of inline, then get morpho to recognize this and open it in
spreadsheet view

#4 Updated by Matthew Brooke over 15 years ago

Finished first version of morpho plugin.

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Original Bugzilla ID was 2021

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