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2A. Show parents as ambiguous members

Added by Michael Lee almost 16 years ago. Updated over 15 years ago.

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A different but related issue is whether a CVS only map of Acer rubrum var. rubrum should show Acer rubrum with NO var. as an ambiguous occurrence. I think it should. This should be corrected.


#1 Updated by Michael Lee almost 16 years ago

contributed by Lisa Giencke & Stephen Seiberling
Comments by Bob Peet followed by RKP:

#2 Updated by xianhua liu almost 16 years ago

The reason Acer rubrum is not included for CVS as ambiguous occurrence for Acer rubrum var. rubrum is that CVS follows "Alan Weakley". There is no conceptual ambiguity between Acer rubrum sec. Alan Weakley and Acer rubrum var. rubrum sec. Alan Weayley. Of course, Acer rubrum sec. Alan Weayley could be Acer rubrum var. rubrum sec. Alan Weayley since the later is part of the former. But this is hierarchical ambiguity within the same classification system, which is different from the conceptual ambiguity between concepts of different classification systems. Currently, for a source that follows Alan Weakley, only the name-matched concepts are retieved. No children and no parent are retrieved. We can make following changes:

1. If a data source follows Alan Weakley, e.g. CVS, besides the name-matched concept, all children concepts will retrieved as unambiguous occurences, and its parent concept will be retrieved as ambiguous occurences.

2. If a data source does not follow Alan Weakley, only related concepts are retrieved.

Please check this and let me know if it is OK so that I can move it into implementation.

#3 Updated by Robert Peet almost 16 years ago

Yes, please implement.

#4 Updated by xianhua liu almost 16 years ago

fixed. check before herbarium server gets updated.

#5 Updated by Robert Peet over 15 years ago

Features added

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