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11:39 AM InfoVeg Bug #2948: Links up and down between speices and infraspecific taxa
In the taxon description section on the top of the map page, parent and children concepts will be shown under the cur...
10:53 AM InfoVeg Bug #2955: Date stamps for revisions of the concept relationships
I implemented the function and changed the database to support time-stamp of concept relationships. My solution is:
10:51 AM InfoVeg Bug #2954: Color change
The color for ambiguosu high quality literature records has been changed to RGB(255,254,164). Please check it on the ...
10:32 AM InfoVeg Bug #2952: Calculation of species cover values in communities
08:35 AM InfoVeg Bug #2950: Move dowload options
08:00 AM InfoVeg Bug #2944: Allow multiple concept sources in CVS data
To change CVS records from name-based to concept-based, we need to:
1. add concept reference in current CVS database


10:28 AM InfoVeg Bug #2913 (Closed): Ipomoea pes-caprae
Because Alan had the relationship as "?", we do not know whether or not

(in the range of Alan's flora) I.p. var e...


06:40 PM InfoVeg Bug #2837: Deep links to maps
I published the notice of deep links to the production site.


06:24 PM InfoVeg Bug #2874: Taxon Search drop down list - keyboard navigation problematic
Fixed. It was fine in IE but not in Mozila. Now it should be OK in both.


11:51 AM InfoVeg Bug #2842: Incorrect mapping of nominal concepts
The issue is that the Weakley concepts are not considered when we infer the relationships to nominal concepts. Go bac...

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