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25. Complex searches

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The site currently does not allow one to combine plant name and geographic search functions, nor family and geographic searches. Seems useful to us if it’s not too much programming work.

Good idea! This should probably be broken down into component pieces. I don’t see name and family as AND but rather OR. Geography is an AND in both cases. Let’s let Xianhua think about this and offer some suggestions.

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Updated by Michael Lee over 17 years ago

contributed by Lisa Giencke & Stephen Seiberling
Comments by Bob Peet followed by RKP:

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Updated by xianhua liu almost 17 years ago

This could be related to the bug 2656 ( since geographic area is considered in query. In a concept-based search, we try to answer the question "Is a certain taxon or a group of taxa (family) somehow conceptually associated with a certain geographic area?", which is not as straightforward as a name-based search. The following data components will all be involved in the query process.

Weakley's concept <--> related concepts <--> data sources <--> names <--> geographic area

If a user enters a name and specifies a county, what should the query return? what does the user want the query to return? Here is a scenario:

1. Search in Weakley's concepts by the name and find some matches, then go the step 3, otherwise go to step 2

2. Search in related concepts by the name and find some matches from which get related weakley concepts (???), then go to step 3, otherwise return with no records

3. For each matched weakley's concept, search against all the data sources by both geographic area and related concepts following the concept statrdards of the data sources. Once a match found, add the related concept, data source and weakley concept to the result list for return

4. finally, return the list generated in step 3

I am not sure if this make sense. The step 2 seems not quite clear and possibly introduces much confusion for users. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or another scenario.



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Updated by Robert Peet almost 17 years ago

I am now convinced this bug is very poorly circumscribed and should be closed until such time as someone thinks through some more specific suggestions

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