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45. Negative occurrences

Added by Michael Lee almost 16 years ago. Updated about 15 years ago.

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We need a new color on the map and a way to database negative occurrences. Some records in sources like Weakley and USDA we know to be wrong, yet to be true to our sources we cannot just delete these from the database. Therefore we need to be able to add a layer and color to the maps for records someone of authority has said are incorrect. As an example, we know that USDA has county records of Sporobolus teretifolius in counties that the taxon does not occur because they got records from Kartesz who got the records from RAB who lumped the USDA taxa of S. teretifolius and S. pinetorum and S. floridana and S. curtissii. I want to be able to add a color that suiperceeds Green and Blue that will effectively show that despite records to the contrary, this taxon does not occur in the county of interest.


#1 Updated by Michael Lee almost 16 years ago

This bug is originally from "other ideas and observations from Peet and Weakley"

#2 Updated by xianhua liu over 15 years ago


Since these records are wrong, would not it be better to just remove them from the map? Anyway, they contribute nothing more than confution for the users to learn the distribution of a species.

#3 Updated by xianhua liu over 15 years ago

I added a column in the distribution table to store the validity status of distribution record. The admin interface has been also changed accordingly to allow user to change the status.

Currently, the bad (wrong) records are ignored in query. Only correct records are considered.

#4 Updated by Robert Peet about 15 years ago

Let's add a check box on the right down by cultivated where we can check the box to show published records known to be erroreous. The default would be that the box is not checked.

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Original Bugzilla ID was 2626

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