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Finish Import DB: what to do with Main Menu visible tabs field?

Added by Michael Lee over 17 years ago. Updated over 17 years ago.

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Allow CVS Entry database to link to another CVS Entry database and run through the data processing steps from inside the "master" entry database (this will be pre-migration step).

The tricky part of this is managing which tables will be linked to and which ones will not be, plus some issues of consistency between data (ie between users and cvs mainMenu table - probably don't link either of those).

Then what to do with the real tables inside the database- rename them, or copy them somewhere so that we can get them back? Problem is relationships. Can't just rename, because queries will try to adjust themselves.

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Updated by Michael Lee over 17 years ago

and check for new fields that aren't on the table. If not there, it gets tricky, supply default value and write it as a query instead of a table?

ALTERNATELY, I could just IMPORT the data from the other database instead of linking to it.

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Updated by Michael Lee over 17 years ago

You can now import to the CVS-EEP database, but there are still some configuration issues that need thinking about, particularly with the set of tabs that are visible in the main menu.

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Updated by Michael Lee over 17 years ago

These are not a problem if they are from pretty recent databases. The importing procedure in newer databases can take care of this issue if I ever add new tabs. I'll add something to the onReleaseDB function that checks to see if there are more tabs in the main menu.

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Updated by Michael Lee over 17 years ago

used names of pages to link directly to the indexes of 1-8 in the main menu storage field. These names won't change, so importing should be ok from at least version 2.0.2, but before that will probably cause errors, but Lara's the only one with those sorts of databases, I think.

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