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Create datasets in viewer

Added by Michael Lee over 15 years ago. Updated over 13 years ago.

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We want to keep being able to do the things we used to be able to do, but in the new archive database. This could be (probably SHOULD BE) another database on top of it that creates the analysis database and does other stuff.

The archive is just data. This way, it will be simpler to move the archive into PostgreSQL or MySQL or something else.


#1 Updated by Michael Lee about 15 years ago

All functionality should go in the migration db or viewer db, not in the archive itself, so I change the component to migration.

#2 Updated by Michael Lee about 15 years ago

Viewing aspects that would be nice are:
1) view all aspects about a plot
2) build datasets (perhaps query by various fields, too)
3) export data in simplified, analysis format

#3 Updated by Michael Lee almost 15 years ago

Really is an aspect of viewer db, not migration db

#4 Updated by Michael Lee almost 15 years ago

3) export data in simplified, analysis format

this is done, at least in first-cut manner. Still seems slow on Access 2007. Needs more testing, probably with real data tackling real problems.

#5 Updated by Michael Lee almost 15 years ago

view a plot issues:
1) many many fields: hide them if null, or otherwise allow selecting of which fields user wants?
2) a few issues with display of values: vegbank values or CVS values should be shown?
3) field names/labels/prefixes/spaces/camelCase, etc. Deal with them similarly as in export
4) many subforms- how to help user sort them out. Could use two subforms and toggle source (not a tab control)
5) could allow opening subform in separate window. Here instances of a single form, reused could be helpful. Maybe allow them to turn this on.
6) simple reports might be a good place to start for what to display
7) reports needed. Some from entry tool dba section could probably be copied over. That section of the entry tool may need migration to viewer anyway.
8) project view: species analysis based on project, find single occurrences, find diff vars of same spp in same project; lat/long mapping (use VegBank)
9) dba: output of UTMs for conversion by Corpscon. import of data from Corpscon.
10) since most of these things are already addressed on VegBank, it's tempting to think we could install VegBank on a UNC machine and run our database with VegBank functionality on top of it. We could password protect the site, or just make it available through a UNC (i.e. bioark) network address, rather than WWW address

#6 Updated by Michael Lee over 13 years ago

I think almost everything here is handled, at least in a rough-draft manner, except for building datasets. So I'm converting this bug to a viewer-datasets bug.

#7 Updated by Michael Lee over 13 years ago

You can now create datasets in the viewer by pasting in plot data, or through the search interface.

#8 Updated by Redmine Admin over 9 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 2722

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