From 03/16/2009 to 04/14/2009


12:00 PM Bug #3847: enable export for analysis databases
Export now works when connected to analysis databases. Michael Lee
12:00 PM Bug #2722: Create datasets in viewer
You can now create datasets in the viewer by pasting in plot data, or through the search interface. Michael Lee
11:58 AM Bug #3484: Project 50 stems a mess!
Bird Island stems are just fine. I checked the existing data against the files just now (not so many stems). Michael Lee


08:11 AM Bug #3975 (Resolved): Show summary of many plots
We need to show a summary of multiple plots. This could be as simple as a constancy table, and/or a matrix of plots ... Michael Lee


12:28 PM Bug #3787: Decide on better project management software/approach
MS phoned today, left a message. Michael Lee


08:05 AM Bug #3933 (Resolved): If plot X and Y are switched, need a check box to indicate that
Then the following year's data can be flipped to display correctly, but we have to know they are swapped.
Michael Lee


02:33 PM Bug #3927 (Resolved): delete duplicate EEP observations
Some observations got duplicated before EEP names were standardized. These need deleting:
Michael Lee


01:34 PM Bug #2869: Migrate OLD ARCHIVE to the NEW ARCHIVE
Hydrology has also been updated. Today, I finished double checking the cover-by-stratum, cover in modules, overall c... Michael Lee


06:30 AM Bug #3916 (Resolved): Evaluate georeferencing standards of CVS (and VegBank)
When you have some spare time, please take a look at this reference and check to see the level of consistency of CVS ... Michael Lee


12:05 PM Bug #3888: Typo in genus: Pseudgnaphalium
done, version 1.1.26 Michael Lee
11:46 AM Bug #3611: Newell R module = supersample?
More OLD email thread:
From: Robert K. Peet
Date: Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 5:14 PM
To: Michael Lee
Cc: Forbe...
Michael Lee
11:43 AM Bug #3611: Newell R module = supersample?
Updates have been queued for switching the stems over to randomly picked intensive modules (then stratified by me som... Michael Lee
10:45 AM Bug #3611: Newell R module = supersample?
OK, the bugzilla thread is getting tired. After reading the email thread about this issue once more, I realize that ... Michael Lee
10:40 AM Bug #3611: Newell R module = supersample?
For the remaining 25 plots, the only thing to be done that I can see is to extend the bounds of these plots for trees... Michael Lee
10:39 AM Bug #3611: Newell R module = supersample?
4 of these plots are 1 module, so those can just have the R modules switched to 1:
Michael Lee
09:11 AM Bug #3609: subsampling typo? 11-C-309
This has been fixed, archive version 1.1.24 Michael Lee
08:51 AM Bug #3609: subsampling typo? 11-C-309
I change my mind. There is a diagram on the tree sheet showing the location of the supersample. It is clearly 2 m a... Michael Lee
08:46 AM Bug #3609: subsampling typo? 11-C-309
This is another Claire plot where the supersampling was split into an R module. Here, it is for all TREE species, pr... Michael Lee
08:42 AM Bug #3613: run revision project 32: 4 stems in old archive "bigstem" table are too small
revisions run. This bug is done. Big stems from the old cvs archive that are smaller than expected are now gone in ... Michael Lee
08:37 AM Bug #3613: run revision project 32: 4 stems in old archive "bigstem" table are too small
has two extra size 0 and 1 stems for Pinus taeda, one of which was in the "bigstem" table in the old cvs ...
Michael Lee
08:26 AM Bug #3613: run revision project 32: 4 stems in old archive "bigstem" table are too small
Two stems on 52-1-800 of Kalmia were somehow split into 5 and 4 from a 54 cm Quercus 2 lines below. The 54 was in th... Michael Lee


09:10 AM Bug #3862: 22-8-377 RHODMAX subsampling errors
fixed in version 1.1.22 of the archive db. Michael Lee

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