Bug #2918

Headers of entry forms are annoying

Added by Michael Lee about 14 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

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The header information disappears as you start a new row. Then, if you are on a new row and edit header info, you have to enter a species along with that. You should be able to just edit that info regardless of whether you are on a new row or not. Additionally, it should always show, even if no data yet on the plot.

This will require either a separate interface for dealing with updating values (hard), or a toggling of record source when on a new row to flip back to just entry_plots_*, but that means entering a species would have to flip it back.

No easy answer here, I'm afraid, and perhaps the best answer is to leave as it.


#1 Updated by Michael Lee almost 14 years ago

One could create a manual subform, where the values shown are loaded from the right place, then when the form is closed or a new plot is selected, or even the rows are selected, the values get saved into the entry_plots_* table. This is how the viewer works with options.

#2 Updated by Michael Lee over 12 years ago

A modest workaround now exists for this where a set of controls gets placed underneath the main header controls so that they display the data on a new row. If the headers get updated, the "underneath" set of controls gets hidden, then reshown once on a new line.

Still, this doesn't work well if you are on a new row and wish to edit the header data, as it manually inserts a new species row. I like the approach in comment #1 - maybe I should do that instead.

#3 Updated by Michael Lee over 12 years ago

This has withstood QA and is looking good- better than before, certainly.

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